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The Baxter Barn 

horse show boarding Ocala, FL

The beautiful Baxter Barn is the centerpiece of Acadia Acres.  We have to boast a little here.....several top horse professionals put their thoughts together for a comfortable and efficient barn.  We have three private tack rooms with AC and feed rooms to avoid the 'share nightmare' while keeping your inventory safe.

The cinder block barn includes 10 stalls that are 12' x 12' each, 2 wash stalls, a washer/dryer and bathroom.  The private tack rooms are designed for optimal storage and efficiency.  Easy access to the large, shady paddocks makes for easy care! To top it off, our 100' x 200' GGT footing arena can be set up with a jump course or dressage arena, depending on your schooling needs. There is also an adjoining derby field to school - what more could you want!

Bring your horses with you when you visit Acadia Acres!

Featuring a 100' x 200' GGT Arena

The arena was constructed by Longwood Arena,  lights installed by MidState Electric and surrounding fence supplied by Seminole Fence,  Irrigation to keep the footing perfect was installed by Dewitt Sprinkler Systems.  Many hours of hard work have allowed us to have a perfect riding surface with ample light to work late into the evening on versatile footing!


Our state-of-the-art arena can handle any discipline you choose. Professionally built by Longwood Arenas in Ocala, the riding arena is perfect. GGT footing and a dedicated sprinkler system make your workouts the same day-in and day-out. It will always ride the same no matter what the weather. We had the opportunity to try dressage, jumping and driving....they all perform great on GGT!

Building the Baxter Barn was a labor of love. See more about the project here!

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