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Home Away from Home: Embrace the Comfort of a Long-Term Rental at Acadia Acres in Ocala, Florida

Are you planning a visit to Ocala, Florida? Whether you're traveling with your family for a relaxing vacation, enjoying the equestrian competitions, or seeking temporary accommodation for seasonal work or play, deciding where to stay is a crucial aspect of your trip. While hotels and apartments offer their own conveniences, have you considered the practicality of a long-term rental in a furnished house instead?

Image of a long-term rental

Here are some of the advantages that make long-term rentals in Ocala an unbeatable choice for travelers like just you:

1. Space to Stretch Out: Unlike the confined quarters of a hotel room, long-term rentals in Ocala provide ample space for families and solo travelers alike to spread out and truly make themselves at home. Imagine lounging on a comfy couch or patio (all Acadia Acres rental houses have both!) , preparing dinner in a fully-equipped kitchen (our kitchens have everything you need for your favorite meal), or wandering through the shady live oaks of our 10 acre farm after a long day.

2. Home Comforts and Amenities: Long-term rentals offer the comfort and familiarity of home combined with the conveniences of a vacation. Acadia Acres has all the essential amenities like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and even a pool, these long term rental houses in Ocala are designed to cater to your every need. We’re a few minutes from many restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores and gyms, plus a short drive to downtown Ocala. You’ll be living like a local in no time!

3. Cost-Effectiveness: For extended stays, the cost-effectiveness of long-term rentals is undeniable. Rather than paying per night as you would in a hotel, renting a house for a longer duration often translates to significant savings. Additionally, having access to a kitchen and laundry allows you to prepare your meals and avoid the trip to the laundromat, cutting down on expenses.

4. Flexibility and Privacy: One of the most appealing aspects of long-term rentals is the flexibility they afford. Whether you're staying for a month or several, you have the freedom to come and go as you please, without the constraints of hotel check-in times or housekeeping schedules. (Acadia Acres does provide housekeeping, but it’s on your schedule.) Plus, the privacy of your own space ensures a peaceful retreat where you can unwind after a day of exploration or work.

5. Immersive Local Experience: By staying in a residential neighborhood rather than a hotel district, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle of Ocala. Chatting with friendly neighbors, discovering hidden gems in the community, and experiencing the rhythm of everyday life adds an enriching dimension to your travels that traditional accommodations simply can't match. Sandy, the property manager, knows the ins and outs of Ocala and makes the best recommendations for places to see – and especially restaurants to try!

6. Tailored for Family-Friendly Stay: Long-term rentals in Ocala are ideal for families seeking a home-away-from-home experience. With multiple bedrooms, communal living spaces, wide open yards and cozy patios, each of the houses at Acadia Acres was designed and furnished with the needs of families in mind, ensuring everyone has a great stay.

We hope you’ll stay with us the next time you have a few months to spend in Ocala, Florida!


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